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Attract Record Labels To You

How to Get a record deal by Jamille Luney Music AnalystRecord labels want money! They like talent, but they love money. The surest way to attract record labels to you is by selling a lot of your music or getting millions of people to play your music online. Thanks to technology you don’t even have to get people to buy it, you just have to get them to play it online. Record labels view website plays like radio spins.

Soulja Boy created his hit song out of his basement home studio and put it all over the Internet. He was averaging well over 10,000 plays a day on his MySpace music player. He also used SoundClick, FaceBook and Friendster. Between the four online networks Soulja Boy was averaging well over 40,000 plays a day before landing a record deal. The Internet makes it a lot easier!

Ludacris made is own album/demo by himself an sold it out of his car. He sold over 30,000 copies in three months. The labels came to him and the rest is history. The amazing thing about Luacris’ story is that he did it before the Internet. There was no MySpace or YouTube when Ludacris first came out. You all have a huge advantage over Ludacris, you have the Internet.

How Do I Do It?
My first recommendation is to open CDBaby account so you can sell your music online. I recommend CDbaby above others because they partner with all the major online stores, like itunes, as well as smaller ones. To date they have over 50 online music retailers. That is the most of any independent online distributor (willing to work with unestablished recording artists).

When you visit CDBaby click on Sell Your Music , then click Digital Distribution. It only costs around $30 to register, they give you your own web page, and they register you with over 50 on line stores like Apple itunes, MSN Music and other big names. See list of CDbaby’s on line distribution stores here (click).

CDbaby is just a recommendation. You do not have to use them. You can go to all the on line music distributors and register yourself. However, that can be a bit time consuming. The advantage of CDbaby is that they register you with over 50 online stores and they cover all the big ones like itunes.

The disadvantage of CDbaby is that sometimes it can take as long as month for them to register your music with the online distributors. However, they do have excellent customer service and you can call and check on the status of your account anytime. Once they’ve registered you it’s smooth sailing.

Make sure you know what songs you want to sell. It takes a while to delete and upload songs to all those distributors. It’s not MySpace People. The next step to attract a label is marketing. Marketing is the hardest part. I’ll cover that in the next post Attract Record Labels To You Part II Marketing.

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
By Jamille Luney
Music Analyst


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