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Karma: Buy Indie Music to Sell Your Indie Music

Buy Indie Music To Sell Indie Music

Buy Indie Music To Sell Indie Music

Yes corruption is everywhere and it is so easy to point the finger at others. That being said do you buy indie music? Ahhhh, don’t be so quick to judge the mainstream entertainment industry if you don’t buy any indie music. Have you purchased the album of some of your friends or fellow indie artists?

My Confession
Just last year I realized I had a handful of indie artist friends that I had not purchased albums from. I was so busy focusing on the websites and finishing up projects, I overlooked my fellow indie artists!! I went to CDBaby and bought some long overdue indie music. One of my friends shot me an email saying “That’s cool man, you bought my album!” I told her I was so embarrassed I should have done it a long time ago.

We often take things for granted that we use everyday. Indie artists are so used to indie music, they often forget to buy indie music. When you have access to something all the time, you forget to appreciate it. That is how relationships go sour and things go bad. So let’s use the law of Karma indie artists:

You want people to find your indie music online, go look for some indie music online

You want people to buy your indie music, go buy some indie music

You want people to visit your indie music website, go visit other indie music websites

You want people to attend your indie music concerts, go attend an indie music concert.

Karma baby,

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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John Nash’s Economic Theory Explains Why Millions of Indie Artists Go Undiscovered

Russell Crowe Playing John Nash in A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe Playing John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind"

Online Music Retailers Over Crowded
In the past I have stressed the importance of signing up with online distributors such as itunes. This is true, but now there is an over population problem on these sites. There are way too many indie artists overshadowing each other and getting lost in the shuffle. The initial set up of stores like itunes was ingenious. The problem is there is not a large enough framework on these sites to support the marketing needs of indie artists.

The marketing power for online music retailers is used for mainstream recording artists whose labels pay for ad time. That is fair. Yes that is fair because the ad revenue is used to keep the sites running. The unfair part is the fat cat CEO making over a quarter million $250,000 without knowing how to work itunes, while the tech support guy who can convert file formats in his sleep makes $10/hr. Oh yeah, the other unfair part is that most of the mainstream artists have little to no talent in comparison to indie artists.

John Nash
Many of you saw the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. That movie was about John Nash you came up with an economic theory still studied and practiced today. Nash’s theory is what is going on with indie music artists right now. Remember the seen in the bar when Rusell Crowe is hanging out with his college peers and they spot a pretty girl.

John Nash pointed out that if we all go for the girl, we cancel each other and spend all our energy fighting among ourselves. The girl will end up walking off with someone else not it our group who swindles her away while we’re distracted and not looking. As such we all loose.

Do What John Did
John Nash walked directly pass the girl at the bar and later on to a Noble Prize. Indie artists you have to walk past the pipe lines of mainstream commercial online delivery services such as itunes (I’m sorry to say). You’re cancelling each other out. You can’t hear one voice in the midst of millions of people singing at the same time. That is what is happening as millions of indie artists flood the commercial online retailers. Indie artists sell your music on your own websites. Use social networks to promote and market your music.

Till Next Time,

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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Do It Yourself!!!

i tunes App Store

i tunes App Store

I recently read an article where a man created a cell phone game is his spare time (he still held a day job) and uploaded on apple’s
i phone application store. For those of you who don’t know what that is, the i phone application store is a store like i tunes where you can buy games and other programs for your i phone. The man priced the application at $4.99. It was reportedly downloaded over 250,000 times!! He quit his job and started his own company making software apps, which by the was is his passion. (Sorry guys I did not save the article and I can’t find it, if anybody has it please post link in comments link below).

Indie Artists You’re Right!!!
I keep receiving emails and questions asking for contacts and how to get a deal. First let me say you are all right when you say I’ve got the talent, I’ve got hit songs, and I’ve got the look. Most of these celebrities have NO TALENT!!! They are in fact to different than you, it is purely politics and money. Yes there is the occasional break out store where somebody makes it through, just as there is the occasional lottery winner. IT IS NOT DIFFERENT. Joe Plumber bought 100 Quick Pick lottery tickets in FLorida on July 12 and you bought 100 Quick Pick lottery tickets in Florida on July 12. Joe Plumber won you did not. What did you do wrong? NOTHING!!

Do It Yourself
Trust me when I tell you DO IT YOURSELF Indie artists. Do it yourself just like the man above who created the cell phone app!! He did not wait for Apple or some cell phone company to hire him as a programmer, he did it himself. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, the three young programmers who created YouTube worked day jobs at Pay Pal until they created one of the most popular Internet applications of all all time.

The reality TV shows are fake and celebs are using them to promote themselves in a struggling economy and entertainment industry. Diddy’s Making Of the Band is a platform for him to promote himself, music, clothing line and other business ventures he DOES NOT WANT YOU. In a terrible economy they’re only hooking up themselves and their immediately family (Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus). Don’t blame them, you would do the same especially in an economy like this.

Cell Phone Game Man, Not Joe The Plumber
Indie artists do what this man who created the cell phone application game did. By the way, his game was like computer Rubix cube, match up all the like colors and pieces — a simple yet innovative adaption to technology. Create your own music, promote yourself and put it out there. Create your publishing company with ASCAP or BMI. ASCAP is much cheaper by the way. WORK PEOPLE!!! You may be saying I’ve been doing this and it’s not working. Than change what you’re doing!! If something does not work make adjustments and keep going. The first time Walt Disney launched Disney World it flopped!! He went back to square one, added a mouse as an icon and relaunched!!

Change, Adapt, Change, Adapt (repeat…)

Here are some ideas of ways to adapt or change your current ways of promoting:

1. If you already have a MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube page, get even more pages on different social networks. Look at Weloop.com, WeMix.com, HotIndieMusicWorld.com and others.

2. If you don’t have your own web page (yourbandname.com) than get one!!! Buy your own domain and host it somewhere. Don’t just buy a domain and route it to MySpace people. Make sure your bandname.com is linked together.

3. Hop on as many social networks as you can even if they’re brand new, just make sure they’re not illegal.

4. Make your own social network with a service like ning.com. I discussed how to do this in a previous post (read here). There are others I’m unfamiliar with them. I use ning myself have had very few problems.

5. Look at your webpages and make sure people can access them from their cell phones. The new phones being launched are designed for internet use. These cell phone companies are in bed with the Internet companies, they’re smart. You don’t see them begging the White House to bail them out do you? Go with the Internet people.

6. If you’re not blogging, blog! Make sure you’re blogging and your blog is linked to your webpage.

7. Get an account on Second Life and other 3d virtual worlds and hold virtual concerts in 3d worlds.

8. Create a Guild on World of War Craft for your music band. Create guilds or groups on other MMORPGs and online multi-player games for your music band or solo artists.

9. Team up with independent game and cell phone app developers, like the one mentioned above, and ask them if your music can be the background music in the game. Just make sure they put you in the credits “Visibly” with a link to yourbandname.com so everybody knows it is your music. Also get some kind of agreement in writing. You may have to do it for free, but it is great publicity and exposure. Think 250,000 people bought the game in the above example, can you imagine if that was your song?

10. Think of ways on your own!!


MTV just aired its last episode of TRL because it was not effective as a marketing tool anymore due to the Internet and downloading. In the past being on TRL guaranteed an artists record sales. Today, it means you’re going to be in the face of a few hundred screaming teenagers who camped outside the doors of TRL’ studios. The numbers did not lie so MTV shut it down, read the article yourself (here).

The times are changing you must adapt and adjust to technology. More importantly you must continue to adapt. You must continually research formats and technology. It takes time to build a following and it is normal to feel like quitting. Hell I have those days, but you must persist. Nothing is given to you and if you do it yourself you own it all. Just ask the man who created the cell phone application.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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How Indie Music Artists Count Properly

Indie Music Artists Must Do Their Own Math

Indie Music Artists Must Do Their Own Math

Yes we’re going to be doing some math Indie Artists so suck it up!!

Indie Math Formula for Profits
100 albums x $8.00 = $800 USD

Major Recording Label Math Formula for Profits
100 albums x $.08 = $8.00 USD

$8.00 – $250,000 (advance given during signing you have to pay back with album sales or out of pocket) =

– $249,992 USD (Bounce Baby Bounce!!)

Indie Artists Don’t Have to Go Platinum But Major Recording Artists Do!!
Yes, in fact their careers dependent on it. Usher’s latest album that featured the hit song “Love In This Club” only sold around
443,000 albums in the United States. For Usher that is a huge loss considering the millions of dollars spent on marketing. However, to an indie artists releasing their own album on the Internet, that is more than enough. Plug in the Indie Math Formula above:

$443,000 albums x $8.00 = $3,544,000

No Label = Your Money. Big Label=Little Money
Major recording artists have to go platinum to cover the costs of mass marketing campaigns. Why? Labels charge them for this guys. If those big named artists do not sell enough albums to re-coupe the labels production and marketing costs it comes out of their pocket.

Indie Artists Are Realistic, Major Recording Artists ….
live by a completely different moral code than indie artists. Indie artists you must be realistic and deal with the real world. Wealthy main stream recording artists live in a fantasy land featured on MTV, offer unrealistic doped up advice and are not ideal role models. The chances of hitting the Jack Pot in of your home state’s Lottery are around the same for becoming the next Alicia Keys. Indie artists your job is to sing the truth as you see it and be realistic. Having said that, be realistic about your goals and financial plans as well

Set Goals Realistically
Set a small goal for yourself. Once you reach it set another one. If you’ve never sold one album on your own, set a goal of selling ten albums. After you sell ten go to twenty, after twenty forty and keep going. People get very unrealistic and they end up quitting. It’s the same mentality as people trying to loose weight, they start off strong eating healthy and working out. However, the first time something goes wrong or they make a mistake and eat something they should not have, they throw in the towel. Be realistic.

The Bottom Line
Here’s the reality, the Indie Math Formula profits is completely different from the
Major Recording Label Math Formula for profits. That being said, your business plan should look nothing like a major recording label. However, I do recommend studying what major recording labels do so that you know what NOT to do. Remember Indie Artists you don’t have to go platinum to be a financially successful, BUT Major Recording Artists Do!!

Till Next Time,

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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Hot Indie Music WorldHot Indie Music World

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CDBaby Sold to Disc Makers

CDBaby Sold to Disc Makers

CDBaby Sold to Disc Makers

Sorry I missed this guys, working on Hot Indie Music has been killing me.  For years I have been referring Independent Artist to CDBaby for distribution. CDBaby first launched in 1998 out of the home of Derek Sivers in Portland, Oregon. Sivers sold the company to Disc Makers, a CD duplication/manufacturing company popular among Indie Artists, this past summer according to Paul Bonanos, a writer for The Deal. Paul wrote an article covering the buyout on August 8, 2008 (read here).

What to expect? Look at The Facts
Disk Makers and CDBaby had partnered together for seven years prior to the buyout

Disc Makers has DigStation, a downloadable music store for independent artists that was launched around 18 months ago (small store around 150,000 tracks)

Disc Makers has been in business since 1947 manufacturing music medai such as records, cassette tapes and compac discs for independent artists

CDBaby’s online store has around 2,000,000 tracks now owned by Disc Makers

CDBaby distributes indie artists music to music retailers such as iTunes, Amazon.com and subscription services Napster and Rhapsody

CDBaby also distributes Physical CDs

CDBaby also has/had HostBaby, web hosting service, allowing its customers/artists to create and host their own webpages (yourbandname.com). HostBaby now belongs to Disk Makers
(Boranos,Paul. CDBaby Cashes Out Sells To Disc makers)

CDBABY Is Growing Quickly
CDBaby grew out of Derek Sivers home and beyond. It continues to grow daily and Sivers needed more support and fire power against an entertainment industry full of vampires. Notice he did not run to Google, like Tom did with MySpace. Sivers went to a reputable indie company, Disc Makers, that he had done business with for several years. Now the buck is passed to Disc Makers not to sell out to the big named distributors.

Bottom Line
I think it go really well or really bad. It just depends on how they set up the infastructure. As of today, everything on CDBaby seems to be working relatively the same and smoothly. There are no immediate changes to note.

I pray this continues and Disc Makers / CDBaby expands without abandoning what works. These guys are pretty smart and they all hate most mainstream entertainment practices, which I respect. We just have to wait it out and see BUT so far so good.

Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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HotIndieMusic.com Is Up!!

Add HotIndieMusic.com link to your webpage of blogroll.

The People’s Billboard for Independent Music

Sneak Peak at Hot Indie Music:

Honey Brown

“This is one the most solid Indie albums on the market!!” Jamille Luney Music Analyst

Honey Brown
#1 R&B Pick HotIndieMusic.com

Official MySpace
Buy It on CDBABY!!

Our Favorite Tracks
It’s Alright
Hot Daddy
Ghetto Story
Feelin Good


Still Standin’ Band

#1 Pick HotIndieMusic.com Country
#1 Pick HotIndieMusic.com Country

Official Website
Official MySpace
Buy It on MySpace!!

Our Favorite Track

Room For Improvement
Nada, well done

#1 Pick HotIndieMusic.com Neo Soul / Jazz / Blues
#1 Pick HotIndieMusic.com Neo Soul Jazz / Blues

What happens when you put D’ Angelo, Robin Thicke, Justin Timbalake and Musiq SoulChild in a smoked out blues lounge with a piano? Mycle Wastman happens!! Need we say more? Solid, solid, solid album.

Our Favorite Track
Still Holdin

Do A Remix For a Big Named Artist

Attention music producers:
one of the best ways to get in the game is a “remix” of a big named song. If you have an indie artist your producing and promoting, put them in the remix so their vocals are paired along side a grammy winner.

How To Get A Remix?
So how do you get the opportunity to produce remix for a big named artists? Do you contact their management team or send a demo? You can do that but unless you’ve got a well known management team like Missy’s, Timbaland’s or mine you’ll be waiting for months. So what do you do? Mimic your fellow indie DJ’s.

Look at indie DJ’s. Do they wait to hear back from Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne before they make a mix tape? Uhhh no. Instead they grab their favorite tracks and mix them how they want. As a producer the only difference (from DJs) will be adding your music and your artist to the mix.

How Do I Get The Tracks?
The harsh reality is that most of you probably not call up Young Jeezy’s audio engineer or manager and ask him to send you some vocals for a remix. You can however, holla at your local Indie DJ’s and ask them if they have any accapella tracks of big names artists. You can also surf the web and look for acapella tracks of big named artists.

After you find an accapella track mix your music with the acapella. If you have a song with an artist your producing you can mix in their vocals as well so it sounds like Keyshia Cole or Ashanti are singing a duet with your artist. After you produced your hot remix, start promoting and submitting your remix to labels, management teams even try the radio stations. Some radio stations view it as a “DJ mix” and will play it (you know how they do the DJ mix around 6:00p.m where they mix old and new songs?) Others radio stations are not too comfortable with the idea and will not play it. Don’t let that bother you move on to the next one.

The downside about the “remix” is that it cannot be resold. Why? The voices of big named artists are property of the labels or the artists themselves (depending on their recording contract). You can however use it for promotional purposes. Just make sure you do not sell the remix.

Get to mixin’ till next time,
Jamille Luney The Music Analyst
Jamille Luney
Music Analyst

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